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Confession: I don’t Facebook

I don’t Facebook, and I don’t tweet. I don’t do any of that social networking stuff. I think I’m afraid of being sucked in, constantly checking walls or friending people or whatever else you do when you’re on Facebook. See, … Continue reading

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Sandy is Just Dandy

How lucky am I that I ended up saving a general elective until my last year of classes? I’m taking The American Movie, and as you might guess, we watch American movies (or excerpts), discuss them, and write about them. … Continue reading

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Oh, How I Miss Books…

I mean novels, things of my own choosing. Sink into a chair and enter another world for a while. It’s just not happening. Not in the middle of mid-term season (one more to go). Not when chapters on structuralist and … Continue reading

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Distance Learning: Parts of the Whole, part 2

Earlier I gave you a cheat sheet, of sorts: all the different kinds of course delivery systems that make up this thing we call distance education. Recently I spent a little time with my course requirements checklist and tallied up … Continue reading

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$20 Million for Online Classes!

Boy, I’d love to see UMaine Augusta be a part of this initiative!  The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and other nonprofit education groups are pledging $20 million specifically for post secondary online classes, especially those geared toward community colleges. … Continue reading

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Online Education: It’s Not Just for Nontrads

The other day on the ferry, I was talking to Kayla about her classes. Kayla is a young woman I’ve watched grow up here on Vinalhaven. She’s a “traditional student” meaning she went to college right out of high school. … Continue reading

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Transcontinental Education Collaboration!

Is that too bold a headline? Well, our visiting distance education professionals are from Alaska. And Maine and Alaska are on opposite sides of North America. And UMaine Augusta and University of Alaska Fairbanks (UAF) are collaborating on improving distance … Continue reading

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