Distance Learning: Parts of the Whole, part 2

Earlier I gave you a cheat sheet, of sorts: all the different kinds of course delivery systems that make up this thing we call distance education. Recently I spent a little time with my course requirements checklist and tallied up my own course history.

lists on top of lists on top of lists...

Yes, I can figure this out online. But I started out with this hard copy almost 6 years ago, and I’ve grown rather fond of it. You see, I’m a list-maker at heart. I like to check things off and see what I’ve accomplished. I have my master checklist from UMA, and I have all my little side notes about which particular classes I took, which semester of which year, and the prof’s name. I also keep a running tally by year, via post-it notes, with credits for that year and credits to date.

(I know, I’m beginning to sound a little extreme, even to myself!)

And then there’s the final consolidated list of what courses I need to be done with my degree. Believe me when I say, those check marks give me great pleasure!

the countdown list...6 classes to go

Without ever adding it up, I’ve always had the vague feeling that most of the courses I’ve taken were online. And sure enough, that’s true. So without further ado, here’s the breakdown (yes, another list):

CLEP                                 1

Video conference            3

Live Class                         4

ITV                                   11

Online                              15

Total                                34  (all of these numbers refer to my completed courses)

As I suspected, most of my classes were online. Nearly half, in fact. I’ve mentioned here how much I like this method of delivery, and I think this chart proves that online courses have served me well.

Someone might look at this list and think it’s a pretty piecemeal way to earn a degree.

But I look at it and see that advancing technology has been a crucial part of my education. My hunch is that academia will lean on technology more and more as time goes on (especially web-based technology). I like being part of the process. Distance learners: be proud. We’re part of the advance guard!

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