Independent study, online, LIVE!

It took a bit of doing, but it looks like I’m all set with classes for my final semester. Sigh of relief.

Earlier I mentioned my predicament: required classes that weren’t being offered for the spring semester. I needed a particular American Lit survey class and an upper level British Lit class. Luckily, UMaine Augusta offers seniors some flexibility when these kinds of course issues come up.

After a meeting with Deb, director at URock, and after a flurry of emails to and from my UMA advisor and two other professors, we came up with some interesting options. And I truly couldn’t be happier.

My American Lit class is called “A Midwife’s Tale and the Social Web. It’s actually cross-listed as a Women’s Study course and an INT course. Interdisciplinary Studies? International Perspectives? I’m not sure yet, but UMA is allowing me to take it as a literature substitution.

Oh, and I’m taking that one online from UMaine Orono.

That’s right, UMA students can take online courses from almost any of the University of Maine campuses (I think Farmington is the only exception). UMA offers lots of online options, but this gives us access to even more. Works for me.

For my upper level Brit Lit class, I’m taking a concentration class focused on the work of the Brontës. And here’s the kicker. I’m taking it live. In Augusta. This will be my first Augusta class ever. The commute will be a bear (3 hours of boat time plus 2+ hours of car time) but I’m excited about the subject matter, and about ending my time at college with a traditional class at UMA.

So once I graduate in the spring, I’ll have taken classes online, via ITV, video conference, live at URock, live in Augusta, and with an independent study. Add to that the CLEP test I did to start things off back in 2005. That’s 7 different ways I’ve earned my credits. What a ride!

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2 Responses to Independent study, online, LIVE!

  1. Paula Moody says:

    How inspiring! Truly distance education at it’s best. Congratulations on such a successful educational journey.

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