“I got them end-of-semester, start-of-the-holidays blues…”

Whew! The semester ends in two weeks, but I can hardly say things are winding down. Not when I have two final papers to write and a final exam to study for.

What a cruel trick that the end-of-semester pile-up happens at the same time as the start of Christmas chaos. Whose idea was that? Trying to be a conscientious student while also attempting to get the household ready for a nice family holiday is a bit of a nontrad nightmare. Someone asked me if I have my Christmas shopping done and it came as a shock. I don’t even have a wreath on my door yet.

Plus I’ve barely even been home to do school work or to deck the halls. I’ve been on the mainland for 13 days in the last three weeks. I’ve been on the ferry 12 times during that same time. Yes, I’ve become a frequent floater.

And once I finally get home, there are the piles. Piles of notes to organize to get going on one or the other of those papers.

A semester's worth of work in one neat pile

Can this turn into a cohesive paper for my lit crit final?

Piles of Christmas cards to write.

More like a pile of boxes of cards

Piles of knitting that may or may not turn into Christmas gifties.

Yarn blob? Or potential handmade gifts? Time will tell...

Piles of laundry. Actually, laundry is the one household task that I’m pretty good at keeping up with. But since I don’t use my dryer, I always have racks of clothes gathered around the woodstove to dry. You probably don’t need a visual on that, but here you go anyway:

Old school dryer hard at work

Add to all that the fact that I make about four gazillion Christmas cookies every year and my poor Kitchen Aid mixer has kicked the bucket. I’m hoping my handy husband can revive it for one more season.

Busy times, folks. How are you doing?

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2 Responses to “I got them end-of-semester, start-of-the-holidays blues…”

  1. betsyanne says:

    I can remember feeling like nothing was ever going to get done at Christmastime, especially when I was a nontraditional student. It’s neat our blogs crossed over today! I have listed this blog in the blog posting (and of course, your link is in your comment too..) I seldom put a comment link in, because the name is itself a link to your blog, but today I will. What a coincidence!! I will be back here to check more, and will be adding you to my blogs on the Nontrad Blog too.

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