‘Tis the season, right? We’re all fretting about getting through finals week. I’ve got one paper left to write, but it’s one I’m having the hardest time starting. I won’t say I’m procrastinating, since this paper also happens to be the one that’s due the latest in the week. But tomorrow, if I decide to make Christmas cookies instead of attacking that paper, I will concede that I’m officially procrastinating.

Last night I was also fretting about the wind. Fifty mph gusts and 14-18 foot seas are nothing to sneeze at. Knowing I had a final exam this afternoon, I was afraid the ferry would be cancelled. The flip side of that is being afraid the boat wouldn’t be cancelled, and the crossing would be so rough we’d all wish we stayed home. Or worse, the boat goes, it’s really rough, and they cancel the rest of the day’s boats, leaving me stranded on the mainland. I woke at 2:30 a.m. to the howling and rattling of gale-force winds. Inner dialogue: “Will the boat go? If it goes, should I go and risk being stuck over on the mainland if the last boat is cancelled? Should I stay home and do a make-up exam later in the week?” Not conducive to easing my way back toward my slumber. I never did get back to sleep :(

Well, the first boats were cancelled, and it was a relief that the decision was made for me. Better still, the wind bottomed out, the late morning boat made the trip, and it was remarkably smooth. I even think I did well on my exam, despite the extreme lack of sleep.

A nice treat: my son called after one of his exams and felt he’d done well. It’s always good to hear from the boy, and always especially good to hear that he’s happy with his classes! He has one more exam on Thursday, and he should be home for his winter break sometime over the weekend. Dear daughter will be up from Boston for a few days for Christmas, and I’ll be one happy mom to have my kiddos home for the holidays.

Another treat: coming home on that last boat every Monday night to my husband’s good cooking. So nice to enter a warm house and smell good things to eat. Tonight it was an amazing chicken stew and good crusty bread. I could live on this stuff for a month straight! I must say, he has really risen to the challenge of having a wife who’s either off on the mainland for class, or else has her nose in a book and her fingers on a keyboard. He’s a keeper.

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4 Responses to Fretting

  1. What a great posting. To me, it sounds kind of exciting about the ferry rides. So glad you have a supportive husband, and this holiday sounds great.

    How were the cookies? (just kidding…)

    Good luck on everything. I will be back later on to see how it is going.

    • leenthebean says:

      Hi Elizabeth, Yes, sometimes the ferry is pretty exciting. Other times it a way from point A to point B! The cookies came out fine and so did the final papers! I hope you have a great holiday!

  2. Deborah Meehan says:

    What a great post! From ferry angst to the smells of chicken stew you crafted a wonderful picture of the complexities of the lives of non-trads. I was awake all night as well wondering about class cancellations, power outages, trees down and students on the ferry who might miss exams!

    • leenthebean says:

      Thanks, Deb! My non-trad reality includes the ferry. I think of some of my classmates with young children. They have the double whammy of a snow day: their own classes and their children’s! I was glad it all ended well.

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