A pause in the flurry…

Oh poor blog, I’ve been neglecting you!

All the holiday hustle-bustle has me going in three directions at once, and none of those directions puts me in front of my laptop for a moment of reflection.

But now, classes are behind me for a while, the cookies are baked and packaged, (most of) the gifts are wrapped and either mailed off or tucked away, and the Christmas cards have gracefully turned into Happy New Year cards and are sitting in a neat pile to be mailed later this morning. I still have things to get done, but this early morning, everything feels quiet. I’m up before the sun (as always), the woodstove is glowing, and my dog is softly snoring beside me on the floor. I’m easing into my day instead of lurching into it, which is what it’s been like for the past couple weeks. Nice.

My son got home a couple nights ago. Don’t we love it when the chicks come home to roost for a while? He hasn’t been here for three months now, and it’s comforting to see him filling the kitchen with his energy, making huge burgers stuffed with brie and bacon, heading out to the gym to work out, and making plans with friends.

Not only that, but about an hour after he got off the boat, he gave me the final nudge I needed to get on Facebook. So here I am, my usual private self, trying to figure out just how much to say. He keeps telling me, “Mom, it’s social networking, not anti-social networking!”

Looking ahead, tonight is “the big party.” My friend does an annual holiday party, with tons of dressed-up people arriving with tons of festive food. My dear husband is making crab biscuits, so all I have to do is show up and make merry. What could be better?

Well, there’s this: tomorrow, I’ll pick up my daughter down in Portland and bring her back to the island. On Christmas Eve day, we’ll all be home together, just like in the movies!

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