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More on Pursuing an English Degree

Because I got some really lovely comments to my last post … because I was at a party last night and had the chance to speak with a woman – an English major – who has had a varied and … Continue reading

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Doubt creeps in

So many times over the past six years of my college education, I’ve had periods of great doubt. What am I doing? How can I justify the time I’m investing in this? How can I rationalize the cost? What is … Continue reading

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Another Look at Online Classes

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A Community of Nontrad Bloggers

Nobody blogs on an island. Even if she, in fact, lives on an island. Bloggers constantly seek out other blogs or other online resources in their niche. We’re looking for a hook, searching for a story to share, always on … Continue reading

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Island Field Trip!

The first week of the semester is over, and I find myself reading, reading, reading. It occurs to me, now that I’m deep in the first chapters of my classes, that it’s all about the ladies. I’m reading about a … Continue reading

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Connections: On the Web, In the Classroom

Big snow day all over the northeast, and it’s not over yet. Back when Jodi Williams shared her experiences in Palau, I had to laugh when she talked about the “limited bandwidth” and the “sometimes-sketchy internet connection” of that island … Continue reading

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New Semester, New Courses, New Experiences

The winter break is officially winding down, and I hope it was as restful or as fruitful as you wanted yours to be. The new semester starts tomorrow, and I’ve got my books, my new notebooks, my post-it notes, and … Continue reading

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