Old School, New School

Check out this article in The Chronicle of Higher Education, and then scroll down for my response. I’m going_the_distance.

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4 Responses to Old School, New School

  1. E. Sheppard says:

    Oh – and you are going to LOVE Jane Eyre. It’s one of my absolute favorite stories. And all the movies are super too.

    • leenthebean says:

      I guess it’s a classic for a reason! I started reading it this morning on the ferry ride across the bay, and I already like it. Young Jane seems feisty and determined – my kind of gal. Can’t wait to see where she brings us.

  2. Colleen, thanks so much for inserting a link to your blog in the Chronicle article. As a former professor and dean, I’m very interested in your experiences, and I plan on reading most of your posts. Similarly, you might find some of the posts on my blog, “Getting the Words Right” (http://barnettwriter.wordpress.com), interesting, since many deal with issues facing higher education today. Feel free to comment on any of them.

    Finally, my wife and I enjoy visiting the Maine coast, especially the Rockland-Camden-Lincolnville area. We’ve never taken the ferry to Vinalhaven, but now I suppose we’ll have to do it!

    Thanks again for your comment.

    • leenthebean says:

      Hi William, thanks for clicking over from the CHE article, and for your kind comment. I’m glad to know of your blog, since I’ve been trying to find other education/nontrad- related blogs and have only found a few. I’ve taken a peek at your excellent blog, and have bookmarked it so I read back through. It’s funny that you have been to my neck of the woods before. Coincidentally, I grew up in Connecticut, and moved to Maine in 1988.

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