Connections: On the Web, In the Classroom

Big snow day all over the northeast, and it’s not over yet.

Back when Jodi Williams shared her experiences in Palau, I had to laugh when she talked about the “limited bandwidth” and the “sometimes-sketchy internet connection” of that island nation. I have the same problem on my “island nation” of Vinalhaven. Where I live is beyond the reach of fast and dependable DSL, so we rely on a satellite connection. You can imagine what happens to our rooftop dish in a big snowstorm. It fills right up like, well, like a dish. And there we are: disconnected, internet-less. My husband and son saved the day. All I know is that it involved an extension ladder and a hose. I looked the other way.

So let’s see if I can get this posted in the narrow window of opportunity between regaining our internet connection and losing our power due to the heavy snow that’s weighing down limbs all over.

I want to share a conversation I’ve been having with William Barnett over on his blog, Getting the Words Right. Our discussion started with a comment William posted to my blog after reading my response to the Old School, New School article. I’m always on the lookout for education-related blogs and online publications, so I was happy to read his excellent blog, and ended up commenting on one of his posts. If you want to check out our discussion about face-to-face versus online learning, go here .

(Alas, I can’t get my snow pics to post. I’ll try tomorrow)

Mission accomplished.

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2 Responses to Connections: On the Web, In the Classroom

  1. E. Sheppard says:

    I just fixed your entry on the Big List of Nontrad sites entry. I put your name in big bold red letters too. I also added some more stuff – – like how I like your blog. Thanks for catching my goof. I like your pictures! That looks like a LOT of sticky snow.

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