Island Field Trip!

The first week of the semester is over, and I find myself reading, reading, reading. It occurs to me, now that I’m deep in the first chapters of my classes, that it’s all about the ladies. I’m reading about a hardworking 18th century midwife, a spunky 19th century governess, and about how to be an effective blogger firmly rooted in the 21st century (so that last lady would be me). I love it, and I’d be happy to sit in my chair by the woodstove all weekend, immersed in these other worlds.

But a gal’s got to come up for air sometime, right? So when it was time to pull myself away from the books, I grabbed my husband, my dog, and my camera, and headed down a snowy unplowed road for a little afternoon field trip. All the side roads are quiet and empty this time of year – great for exploring.

With that gloomy sky and snow-covered trees, these almost look like black and white pictures.

Last week’s storm left its imprint on all the trees. The snow still clings to the northeast sides of the trunks.

But check out that jolt of red! This must be the reddest barn door on the island, if not in the state of Maine.

It’s a great old farm. I’m not sure just how old it is, but spending time here kept me in the same historical mindset that my reading had evoked.

Jim and Maia take in the view. Our poor white dog looks dirty against that pristine snow.

That’s my dear husband in front of the famous red door.

I like this last one because it’s so flat and compressed looking, almost like an abstract painting (thanks to my good old point-and-shoot camera – zero depth of field).

What a great outing! We tromped home – tired, hungry, and happy.

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2 Responses to Island Field Trip!

  1. Caz says:

    What gorgeous photos! I wish it snowed here in Oz. I look forward to following your journey through academia.

    • leenthebean says:

      Thank you Caz! Right now it’s cold and sleety, turning our snow to ugly mush. Right about now I wouldn’t mind being at the start of summer, as you are. I’m following you, too. Glad we found each other.

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