Home Again

Seeing the cars drive off the ferry coated in a gray slushy wash isn’t a good sign when we’re about to board that same ferry ourselves. Seeing these whitecaps, before we’ve even left the harbor, isn’t great either.

It’s choppy, and we’re not even out beyond the breakwater yet. See that ridge of gray on the horizon? That’s Vinalhaven, still over an hour away.

The boat is eerily empty, just us and couple other cars. I noticed the ferry crew throwing down many scoops of salt on the slippery deck as we boarded. I know what that means – sea spray. That makes it sound so lovely and fortifying, like a gentle mist to invigorate the soul. This is more like sea slosh, rhythmic sprays of salty water that wash over our car as the ferry rocks and rolls across the bay.

Actually, it wasn’t too rough a crossing, but we were rolling just enough to make it impossible for me to read without feeling queasy. And it was rough enough to make me feel especially grateful to get off that boat and to finally be home again.

Folks, my little jaunt to Boston was fantastic in all ways…but one: I’m behind in my schoolwork. I’m told this is the normal state of almost all college students, but I’m not feeling good about it. It’s the reading that’s killing me. It’s been suggested more than once that I just skim the books. But hey, I’m an English major! If I’m not going to read them, then what’s the point?

On top of that, it being tax season, I need to put on my bookkeeper cap and spend some quality time with our filing cabinet and QuickBooks. Not my favorite task.

But I shall persevere!

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4 Responses to Home Again

  1. Colleen, have you ever considered collecting your recollections of getting your degree (complete with quirky professors, and all!) and editing them into a book? Your photos and accounts of ferry crossings, living on Vinalhaven, etc. would make captivating interludes that would help pace the narrative.

    By the way, I agree with your not skimming the books.

  2. tom abbott says:

    thanks again for sharing — I’ve been linking your posts to facebook and getting some hits —

    ps you deserve to be a bit behind — it’s that whole college experience thing –

    thanks again for representing UMA so well — tom

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