This is what good intentions look like.

I hung these yesterday, when the sky was stunningly blue and cloudless. This morning when I opened the curtains to face the day, there they still were. And there they’ll stay, until they dry. Hubby says they’ll be “snowy fresh.”

This is the first snow we’ve gotten on a Monday all winter. That’s been lucky for me, since Monday is my go-to-the-mainland-for-class day. Luckier still, we’re on break this week, so no long drive in the snow.

I’ve got an odd school break schedule this semester. I’ve mentioned that I’m taking classes at both UMA and UMO. Despite both being part of the University of Maine system, they have different academic calendars. So this week there’s no school at UMA; the two weeks after that there’s no school at UMO. Later in March, I’ll have another week off from UMA.

At first, I was grumbling about not having time off, as in all the way off, no classes at all. But I’m not planning a trip, so I don’t need an empty chunk of time to get away. And once I started thinking about it, I like the idea of having a lighter load for four separate weeks, as one college breaks, then the other, and then back to the first for another break.  That ought to fortify me for the final push toward May.

In the meantime, I’m got a midterm paper due on Sunday midnight (gotta love the deadlines for online classes) and another paper due on Monday. So I think I’ll commit the rest of this snowy day to getting my notes together.

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2 Responses to (oops)

  1. Heather says:

    I always hated the sunday deadlines for my online classes- I would complain they were taking up my weekend- of course I suppose I could’ve not procrastinated and had them finished before the weekend….but that’s not how I work :)

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