One of those weeks

When you’re a teenager, you can’t wait to drive, to drink and to vote. As long as you don’t do any of them at the same time, all’s good.

Then there are those markers of adulthood: you get married, you buy a house, and you have a baby. Those are huge milestones, but the real challenge is to stay married, to pay off that house, and to raise that child.

We think of milestones as momentous events that we move closer to, meet and even celebrate, and then put behind us. But that’s really not accurate at all. We keep dragging that stone along with us the rest of our lives. And we’re usually glad to do it. Seriously.

But sometimes, we look across the table at our beloved spouse and think, “huh?” Or the child cries all night, or won’t do his homework, or gets in trouble at school. Or that mortgage payment comes due…again and again and again.

I’ll say it…life’s a slog.

And yet, we keep doing it. Because, if we’re lucky, we have a partner who loves us. We have children who bring joys and surprises to our lives. And the house – even if we still share it with the bank – is home.

And it’s the same with college. That’s the event that usually comes between the driving and the marrying, although that wasn’t the case with me. And it’s something that can bring a lot of pride and satisfaction.

But man, it’s a slog. At least it feels that way lately. After 6 years of classes, I’m having one of those weeks that feel long and challenging. Two papers due, and it’s my own fault for leaving them till late in the week.

Oh, they’re done now. I sent my midterm off for my online class on Friday, and the other I finished about 15 minutes ago. It’s weird: this is the first paper I’ll be handing in face-to-face, and it’s got me a little nervous. Don’t ask me why. Usually I feel pretty confident about my papers, by the time I’m done. I think my midterm malaise has got me questioning everything.

So, I’ll quietly celebrate having those papers behind me, and get ready for the next batch. In the meantime, I’ll watch my agapanthus get ready to bloom.


Just to cap off the week, I’m not able to post pics of my lovely agapanthus. Due to our satellite internet connection, I can’t upload pics from home. My usual routine is to write at home, then drive to the library and upload my post from there, pretty much the only public internet in town. If the library is closed, I happily park out back and post from my car, grateful for the free (tax-supported) internet connection. Which is what I just attempted. Only…no internet! Therefore, no pics. Perhaps tomorrow.

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6 Responses to One of those weeks

  1. Caz says:

    Beautiful post. Because I regularly enjoy reading your blog I have awarded you a stylish blogger award. For more details visit

  2. Jan says:

    Hi! I regularly enjoy reading your blog and have awarded you a stylish blogger award. For more details visit

  3. Linnell says:

    I’m very jealous! My agapanthus has lots of lovely lush green leaves– and one bloom stalk. This is after NO blooms last year. What are you doing that I’m not?

    I’m loving your posts!

    • leenthebean says:

      Hey Linnell…I think it’s called “benign neglect.” I have no idea…you must have given me the fertile chunk! She’s got 5 stalks getting ready to open, and another bud poking out of the leaves. I thank you for brightening my winter yet again.

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