Rain day, snow day, I-don’t-know day

I’ve been so fortunate with the weather this semester. Until last week, it’s been smooth sailing, figuratively – with clear roads and storm-free Mondays – and literally – crossing the bay for the first leg of my trip to UMA each week.

Now, I think the weather imps are after me for bragging here about my lovely drives to school each Monday. I practically gloated about all the storms that came and went on any other day but Monday.

Well, not any more. Last week classes were cancelled due to foul weather: a windy, sleety, snowy mess that I was grateful to watch from home instead of through my windshield.

This week, another storm, only it’s a little more ambiguous. Pure driving rain here on the coast, but a sleetier, icier situation inland. Which is where I’m headed. Or not.

See, I’m making my decision about a one o’clock class at 6 in the morning, while some of my classmates are hitting the snooze bar. Usually, if I have mainland errands or work to do before class, I take the 7 am boat. If not, I take the 8:45. The trip across takes about an hour and fifteen minutes, and the drive to Augusta takes just over an hour, so either of these boats works great. In a pinch, I suppose I could take the 10:30 boat, which would, theoretically, allow me to slip into my seat just about right on time. But on a stormy day, I just don’t trust that theory, since I’m apt to be driving slower and/or the ferry crossing is apt to take longer.

So at 5 am, I’m watching my local weather guy. I’m checking various online weather sites and I’m looking at forecasts and radar images and I’m…clearly obsessing. Oh, the over-thinking and second-guessing that happens in this brain of mine in the wee hours of a stormy morning.

Will there be a boat? If there is, will it be a rough ride? What if I get to the mainland and class is cancelled? What if I get to the mainland and class is cancelled and the remaining boats home are cancelled?

Or, what if I don’t go and class isn’t cancelled? What if I opt to stay home and the weather clears by midday? Argh…it can drive a gal crazy. Especially one who really doesn’t like to miss class.

So this morning, after a good deal of the aforementioned inner dialogue, I decided to stay home. My dear husband agreed, and when I phoned my advisor to cancel a lunch meeting, she said the weather was “horrible” in Augusta. This seemed to confirm my sound judgment.

But now, the rain has stopped, here anyway. The “freezing rain advisory” has vanished from the Augusta forecast, as have the plummeting late-day temperatures I fretted about this morning (freezing rain + freezing temps = a slippery ride home). And I’m second-guessing myself…again.

Time to lighten up, Colleen.

Here are the agapanthus pics I mentioned last week. The earth laughs in flowers, right?

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4 Responses to Rain day, snow day, I-don’t-know day

  1. Linnell says:

    We must be related— that’s just the sort of obsessing and second guessing I would have been doing. Your agapnathus is gorgeous. Mine has put up a second stalk, I think in fear after I spoke loudly in its presence about under-performing house plants, and one way trips to the compost bin.

    • Hi Linnell, my second guessing goes ever further. I stopped in to the ferry terminal this afternoon to see what the first two boats were like – dreadful – even though there was no way to get to class at that point. I think I wanted confirmation that I was right to stay home. I’m glad your agapanthus took the hint and got blooming. Such a treat this time of year!

  2. Careyleah says:

    The flowers are beautiful, set off nicely by the snow outside!

    You were totally correct in not coming over on the first boat. I took the second boat back to the island, and at one point, the Owls Head Light was directly to my LEFT (port side), as we were heading EAST! We were taking the long way. Even my very stolid dog was quivering at times in the front seat as we took on a few huge waves, rocking back and forth. The 8:45 got to Vhaven just before 11!!

    Then a friend wrote that school was canceled in Hampden…another snow day inland.

    ~peace, and good thinking!

    • leenthebean says:

      Hi Careyleah, Thanks so much for affirming my decision. On way to the library to upload this post, i swung by the ferry terminal. They were waiting to hear from the captain whether the boat would go or not (it did). The middle two boats did NOT go, since the first two were so awful. I’m so sorry you were on that 8:45, such a long rough ride, tacking across the bay and hitting the waves. Never fun.

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