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Folks, I’m in the thick of it. Papers and projects due, and this silly gal (that would be me) had the crazy notion to get her husband tickets to see John Prine tomorrow night in Portland. When you live on … Continue reading

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Happy Easter, Happy Spring!

This dispatch comes from Boston, adopted city of my daughter, and where we are gathering for Easter. We stay at a hotel a few T-stops from where she lives, the same place we’ve been staying at for six years. It’s … Continue reading

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End-of-semester overload

Brain overload. I’ve got three final papers and two projects due in a week and a half. Oh, and I’m going away to spend the Easter weekend with the kiddos, so I don’t expect to get much done until early … Continue reading

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Field Trip: Thornfield Hall…

…by way of Railroad Square Cinema in Waterville, Maine. What lucky timing, that our semester devoted to the works of the Brontës happens to coincide with the release of the latest film incarnation of Jane Eyre! Jane has been adapted for … Continue reading

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A nontrad I love

On this rainy, blowy day, I’m working on my final project for my Brontë class. Thankfully, we’ve been given a lot of freedom on this. My classmates’ projects, if I remember right, include Victorian fashion, the geology of the moors, … Continue reading

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Brontë and Bechdel and Books, OH MY

Ah…post conference relief! The First Annual Undergraduate English Conference happened yesterday. I made a wreck of myself in advance of giving my paper, and of course, it all went pretty well. I don’t know why I get so wound up … Continue reading

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I’ll be fine

Remember I mentioned the First Annual English Conference hosted by my school, University of Maine at Augusta? Well it seems I did submit a paper for consideration after all. And apparently it’s been accepted. And yes, members of my class … Continue reading

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