Folks, I’m in the thick of it. Papers and projects due, and this silly gal (that would be me) had the crazy notion to get her husband tickets to see John Prine tomorrow night in Portland. When you live on an island, a simple concert means taking the 1:00 ferry, and an overnight stay, to boot. I couldn’t resist – John Prine was part of our courting soundtrack, and he doesn’t come to Maine very often. But it’s still time away from the desk (or kitchen table, as it so happens).

In lieu of a final paper for one of my classes (A Midwife’s Tale and the Social Web), I proposed an interview with two young home birth moms. I just finished transcribing our interviews, and at 16 and 20 pages, I dare say I’ve bitten off a chunk here. I’ve got a good start on the analysis piece, but it’s not going to write itself, is it? Here’s the thing: these women’s stories are so joyful, and sometimes so harrowing, a couple times I was in tears while typing out their words. I’m excited about the project, and I hope my prof agrees it’s worthy. Thank you a thousand times over to Sarah and Sarah!

For my Brontë class, I’m about seven pages into my final paper, and I’ve got notes for the rest. I’m feeling ok about it, but again, these things don’t write themselves, and Monday is just around the corner. I also have a project due for that class. I’m focusing on letters: those in the Brontë novels, and those they wrote themselves. I’ve got an idea in my head, and a lot of post-it notes sticking out all over my books. I just hope it can come together as a proper project…by Monday.

I’ve got one more paper due, for my independent study. It occurred to me that, just because my other classes end by Monday doesn’t mean this one needs to. The semester officially concludes on May 7, so I’ve asked my advisor if I can submit it to her on Wednesday. I have a feeling she’ll say yes.

So folks, good vibes sent in this direction are gratefully accepted. In the meantime, remember, “Your flag decal won’t get you into heaven anymore…” (Prine)

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6 Responses to Countdown…

  1. As my track coach used to say, “Don’t slow down for the finish line! Run through the tape!” You’ll get there.

  2. Jan says:

    Your paper on The Midwive’s Tale & Home births sounds really interesting. As an Ex midwife I like reading the historical tales of their work.
    I’m currently in the middle of an essay on Shopgirls & Tpewriter girls of the late 19thC, but my submission date, thank goodness, isnt until the middle of May!
    Good luck with it all!

    • And good luck to you, too, Jan! The Midwife’s Tale is an excellent book, really well-researched, and also very readable. Maybe you’ll get a chance to read it sometime when you’re able to do some un-assigned reading :)

  3. Have a fun time! You need some play before getting down to work. I think it will be easier to write then. You know the saying, “All work and no play…” John Prine is SO good. I also would like to read your papers! Maybe you can post them online?

    Good luck on everything, and can’t wait to hear how it goes.

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