…and done!

Today I submitted my final final paper of my final semester. Done is done.

Our celebration for local UMA graduates takes place on Saturday at URock. I’m excited in a strange, abstract way, almost like it hasn’t quite set in that, yes, I’m actually graduating. And yet it’s true.

Once I got that paper sent off to my prof, I jumped in to catch up on a bunch of bookkeeping I’d put off. Then I did some actual housework, vacuuming up dog hair and tumbleweeds of dust that have been wafting around the house for the last couple weeks. A gal’s gotta do what a gal’s gotta do.

But I also took some time to wander around my wet garden, reminding myself that it’s spring. Time for new beginnings.

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8 Responses to …and done!

  1. Careyleah says:

    So, graduate school?

    Just kidding (for now). I did my first degree (BA English ’72) in ‘only’ 7 years, and when my adviser mentioned grad school, I nearly hit him! It was the last thing on my mind, until 20 years later.

    Sooo, congratulations is the transitional noun–from here to there. I wish you the absolute best in the myriad decisions you will be facing… One of the early ones will be: “When can we have tea and conversation again?” (I’ll call.)

    Great job, well done. And now for the next chapter…

    ~peace, careyleah

  2. I love the garden photos. How pretty it is there. Keep us posted as to what you are doing. I’ll bet you feel great about now. Congratulations!!

  3. Linnell says:

    Congratulations! (To both you and Niall.) Well done!
    Your photo of little green things in rows inspires me to get put in my veggie garden and plant something.

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