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Rain day, snow day, I-don’t-know day

I’ve been so fortunate with the weather this semester. Until last week, it’s been smooth sailing, figuratively – with clear roads and storm-free Mondays – and literally – crossing the bay for the first leg of my trip to UMA … Continue reading

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Home Again

Seeing the cars drive off the ferry coated in a gray slushy wash isn’t a good sign when we’re about to board that same ferry ourselves. Seeing these whitecaps, before we’ve even left the harbor, isn’t great either. It’s choppy, … Continue reading

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Field Trip: Boston!

We’ve grown tired of snow and ice and slush and shoveling and scraping and all the rest. Time to head south… …as far a Boston, anyway! Our daughter lives there and has all kinds of fun adventures planned for us. … Continue reading

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Floating toward opportunity

This morning, I find myself surrounded by…sleeping men. It’s true. On this early morning when the sun refuses to make an appearance, their gentle breathings fill the air. They shift in their slumber, then settle into comfort and sleep on. … Continue reading

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A different kind of distance learning

When I started “going to school” at University of Maine Augusta, I didn’t really go anywhere. The class came to me, either through online classes or via ITV or videoconference. When we talk about distance learning, this is a big … Continue reading

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A pause in the flurry…

Oh poor blog, I’ve been neglecting you! All the holiday hustle-bustle has me going in three directions at once, and none of those directions puts me in front of my laptop for a moment of reflection. But now, classes are … Continue reading

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‘Tis the season, right? We’re all fretting about getting through finals week. I’ve got one paper left to write, but it’s one I’m having the hardest time starting. I won’t say I’m procrastinating, since this paper also happens to be … Continue reading

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