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A nontrad I love

On this rainy, blowy day, I’m working on my final project for my Brontë class. Thankfully, we’ve been given a lot of freedom on this. My classmates’ projects, if I remember right, include Victorian fashion, the geology of the moors, … Continue reading

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I don’t walk that walk

I see it’s time to order caps and gowns, with graduation just two months away (gulp). But I won’t be suiting up…or attending my graduation ceremony at all (gasp). As it happens, my son will be graduating from college the … Continue reading

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Nontrads Make National News!

(blush) and I’m one of them. This is thrilling and humbling at the same time. All I’ve been doing is slowly taking courses at UMaine Augusta and gradually accumulating my credits. I’m just going the distance, three credits at a … Continue reading

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A Community of Nontrad Bloggers

Nobody blogs on an island. Even if she, in fact, lives on an island. Bloggers constantly seek out other blogs or other online resources in their niche. We’re looking for a hook, searching for a story to share, always on … Continue reading

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“I got them end-of-semester, start-of-the-holidays blues…”

Whew! The semester ends in two weeks, but I can hardly say things are winding down. Not when I have two final papers to write and a final exam to study for. What a cruel trick that the end-of-semester pile-up … Continue reading

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What I want from online classes: Part 2

If you missed part 1, click here. Professor, please give us a complete and informative syllabus Include course objectives and expected outcomes. What do you expect from us? What should we expect from you? Include an explanation of our assignments … Continue reading

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Am I a Senior?

I’m a “nontraditional student.”  I’ve learned that we nontraditional students come in many ages, shapes, and sizes and come from all kinds of situations. In my case it means I’m older, already in the work force, and already have a … Continue reading

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